I am a director of data science at a startup who has a passion for learning, a self degrading sense of humor, and wants to be more about that stat life. The more and more I get into my career the more and more I feel like I know nothing or I am terrible at communicating what I do know. Im not as good at this stuff as I would like to be and want to commit to changing that. I feel like one of the biggest issues with data science is the ability to accurately and easily explain the concepts.

I love sports analytics and a sport called football. Most of my applied projects will be in this world.

The main reason I created this blog was to act as a way to get better about describing and using simple statistical intuition in a variety of scenarios. In general I will keep the blog light on the theory side of things so that it is more accessible to everyone. I am also probably not going to write about technical things. It can get boring and tedious for everyone involved so feel free to filter it out if its not your thing. The reason I haven’t posted in months is because I get through a post and realize it feels more like a textbook than a fun and interesting frolic in the statistics world. If you want me to write about computer vision, deep learning, hierarchical models, etc. I can do it, but feel like others do it better. I might use a model and reference it, but that will be the extent of it. This will be more about interpretation and interesting results than anything.

I will probably tie a lot of concepts back to stats because thats how my brain works and I am quite literally about that stat life.

Ready? Leh-go.


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